Kamene Goro has come out to give out some lifehacks.

She confesses he has been deep in love with some man who she does not consider a factor at this very moment.

Kamene Goro/ Instagram

She started her story by telling us that her ex has just called her and she is not deep in love with him like she was back then. Now it is easier for her to ignore him.

so this guy calls me and I am thinking I really don’t feel like talking to you. and I realize I have been ducking his phone calls for a while. this guy used to drive me crazy back I the day when I just came back. i would die for his phone calls. ‘Why are you not calling me? Hi good morning.’ and if he didn’t call me I would be so recked. 

then he did the ultimate man move. he ghosted me. I thought my whole world would crash.

now he calls me and I am like please text, am in a meeting, sorry I don’t want to talk to you and I don’t care about you any more.

Huddah angrily responds to Kamene’s statement on how she affords her lifestyle

Out of this, she has learned that you can easily get over the thing you really love. So worry not if that man or woman is stressing your life. It is just for a season.

The lesson for the day you will get over it. if there is anything disturbing you right now be rest assured that you’ll get over it.

Do you agree with her?

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