Rapper Nasty C may be one of the youngest rappers in South Africa, however the Hell Naw hitmaker is on top of his game and is not intimidated by a single musician in the industry.

David ‘Nasty C’ Ngcobo’s meteoric rise has seen him go from rapping with his classmates in school to winning four awards at the prestigious Metro FM Music Awards last month. The rapper has also worked alongside international artists such as US rappers Future and French Montana.


The rapper’s chart-topping hits has seen him become of the country’s most popular rappers, who stood tall against his competitors.

“I know that there is no artist in the country that can touch or intimidate me right now. I am not afraid of anyone in the industry,” Nasty C told TshisaLIVE.

He said that he listened to a lot of music from other artists but never felt that they were good enough to make him panic or doubt his own abilities.


“I never feel pressure when I listen to anyone’s music. I listen to songs that are hyped on social media and I always find that there is so much more that could have been done to make it better. I am a perfectionist and so I make sure my music is at its very best when it finally gets released,” Nasty added.

Those might be fighting words from a rapper who many did not even know existed before his 2015 hit Juice Back,  but the truth is Nasty C has long been prepared for the limelight.

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