Most of us were fooled after we woke up on the 1st of April to news that Akothee is being considered for a government job in an anticipated cabinet reshuffle.

This was after her majestic gesture to deliver food aid to starving Turkana residents affected by ongoing drought.


Well, today Akothee answers all your questions and rejects all your congratulatory messages. She took to social media to share a message, making it clear she has no political ambitions and is only playing her role as a responsible citizen.

I am not joining politics any time soon , but I believe its  my Responsibility as a citizen to participate in the wellbeing of my environment, if all of us had the same spirit of checking in our leaders, supporting them as we place our grievances, I believe there will be change, Imagine if we had the whole Nairobi come out today to clean and clear the sewage, ahead of the rains, we won’t have regrets when the heavy rains falls, but because we believe we voted someone in for that matter, that’s where we go wrong ,! Did we follow up ? Have we taken responsibility of our well being or our neighbors? 
Our environment and economy ? Do we attend the public meetings or we watch TV at Homes and wait to scream on social media ? I think most of our leaders are approachable, and we can use this platform to bring change other than lamenting and cursing 🤔 I BELIEVE IN CHANGE. It starts with you .



Akothee wanted to lead as an example to those who make noise on social media instead of going out to be the change they want.

Blessings! Akothee adopts a girl after donating food in Turkana

Well despite what she says, her fans still want her to consider a political post because she’s the perfect fit of kusema na kutenda (do as you say).

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