Vera Sidika scooped a new job just after we found out she wants to venture into music.

She has decided to work on herself after the nasty break up with Otile Brown, who recently tried taking credit for her song, Nalia. Vera has angrily addressed that issue saying he did not even know that she was going to release a song.

In fact, it makes no sense for him to write a song for her yet it is a diss track aimed at him.

That aside though, Vera Sidika is making major moves for sure – a revenge plan after a break up – just like Khloe Kardashian who decided to work on her body and landed a major TV show dubbed ‘Revenge Body’.

Well now, Vera Sidika is a host alongside Dr. Ofweneke, who relayed the news with a photo and details about it.

Vera wasn’t pleased about one detail in the announcement and responded with a comment warning him to stop referring to her as hun, because for the two it’s just business.

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