Ringtone seems bent on ensuring he trends throughout 2019.

When there’s drama in the gospel industry, best believe Ringtone will be there to give you all the details but as his fans say, take it with a pinch of salt.

This time Mr. Ringone Apoko is out here crying on behalf of Bahati.

Bahati has been trending for all the wrong reasons and Ringtone has said it over and over again that the devil is trying to wreck the gospel industry.

He has a different school of thought now as he believes Bahati needs to repent and go back to the spiritual man he was when he started off in the gospel industry.

Not only Bahati but Willy Paul has also been doing the same.

i am sad. i am not singing i am crying. i am crying on behalf of bahati and willy paul. they have forgotten about god and now it’s all about followers. bahati stared with worship songs but now he shouts at fans that he does not care. god has his eyes on you and he will drop you like a glass. bahati run and leave the worldly pleasures, god still loves you and he will forgive you. be warned against your wife

The two artistes have been called out severally for going against what society has termed ‘gospel’. Could Ringtone be echoing what some Kenyans have been thinking?

Pregnancy Accusations

From the video of him crying out, fans have slammed him saying he is trying to dim the lights of other people so that his shines.

Peris: Your candle doesn’t have to light up better by putting off your friend’s candle! @ringtoneapokogoing by how you are judging @bahatikenya does it mean you have never made a mistake that warrants judgment by people? Remember the story in the bible of a woman caught in the act of adultery? Don’t judge we all fall short of Gods glory. Come slow on Bahati

Lydia: You look bitter…don’t judge leave them alone,ulipokataliwa na zari nani alikuimba?

Kefa: Remember no one is perfect, anyone can be a victim

‘I am very broke’ Ringtone publicly declares he is no longer a rich man

Ver:Aki nini mbaya na wwe?(what is wrong with you?) Why are you judging??ishi maisha yako achana na wengine(live your life and leave others life alone)

Zippy:And do you think…what you singing is gospel…if you think he is not on the right track….go talk to him in person like older brothers do.

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