Gospel artistes Bahati and Weezdom finally kissed and made up.

Weezdom, who was among the first guys to call it quits from EMB Records, fell out with his long term friend and brother in 2017.

Things came to a head when Bahati deleted Weezdom’s music videos off the EMB Youtube channel.


In an interview with Kiss FM’s Chito Ndlovu, Weezdom revealed that he was broken because Mr Seed chose EMB CEO’s side yet he knew Bahati was wrong. Who is laughing now because the same happened to Mr Seed.

3 years down the line, Bahati was left with no one on the record label but he recently decided to start a fresh and rebirth EMB with their first signing, Danny Gift.

Now, they seem to have reconciled just when Bahati needed a real friend beside him after Mr Seed and David Wonder’s bitter exit.

Weezdom made it to EMB’s Rebirth event and this was the highlight of the event well other than EMB’s first song, Fanya by Bahati and Danny gift.

Bahati took to the stage and thanked Weezdom for coming through because they made amends.

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Weezdom dropped his ego and asked for forgiveness in front of a big crowd saying:

we are only but humans. I made a mistake and I am sorry to you Bahati and Diana. I overlooked the good you did for me and focused on the bad which is something i would advise those beefing with Bahati now. He has done so much for us to be known in the media and to help push for our songs and even more, supported us financially even when he didn’t have much. But now look at where I am.

Well, one step at a time, let us see if the rest will bury the hatchet, kiss and makeup.

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