So this weekend saw a lot of women appreciate their curves in the Miss Kenya Plus World 2019 at  Garden City Mall courtesy of Neomi Ng’ang’a. The event that landed Njugush in trouble.

Njugush and Celestine who are close friends to Neomi attended the event in support of an amazing initiative but I guess the curves took the best of Njugush.

He loves the curves no doubt about that but when he saw one of his favorite models, he couldn’t hold back his excitement. He just started screaming and then his wife caught him red-handed and recorded him.

Celestine posted the video on social media and told him it is time to go home. That is when he knew trouble awaits.

When you are caught cheering a favorite in a #missplusworldkenya pageant 😭😭😭keep me in your prayers guys.

Clearly, Mama Tugi was mad, she locked him out of the house as from Saturday. That punishment was well deserved and he has now humbly gone back to his wife to seek forgiveness.

I am here to ask for forgiveness. Mosquitos have really beaten me all night. And the boys club are laughing at me

Trying to win her back, he mentioned that she looks amazing but Celestine was not falling for it at all.

and the way you look good? Celestine Interjected saying, ‘What do you mean and I have just woken up?’

Njugush answered,

And what if you had makeup on? Wow!

His wife was not going to take him back without answers.

Stop distracting me away from the problem. What were you doing at a plus size event? And then what made you scream so loud at the event?

He really tried to defend himself saying he was excited because of the curtains and the lights but you know daynm well she wasn’t going to fall for those dirty tricks.

Proof that Njugush and Celestine are the perfect power couple goals

We do not know if she forgave him, but all we can say is good luck Njugush.

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