Njambi Koikai

Jahmby Koikai has recounted her experience in school and the struggles she went through moving from one school to another.

She dropped out twice and even the courses she studied are not what she is pursuing now. She did International Relations in USIU and now she is one of the few sought after Reggae MC’s.

Well, it’s not because she did not want school, Endometriosis played a part in her dropouts and delays.

“I can tell you, Endometriosis and Adenomyosis had to do with all my struggles in high school and all the expulsions and Uni. This disease robbed me of my younger years. Affected my social life and certainly my studies. It created a shell out of a once bubbly, energetic, ambitious little girl.” She shared

Jahmby went on to recount the many problems she went through, From medication side effects to anxiety to depression.

“This disease is brutal and is affecting millions of women silently. I recently read that women can get Endometriosis even after menopause. Excision is the only gold standard form of treatment whereby the disease is cut out as opposed to ablation where the disease is burnt and chances of recurring are quite high.

Another struggle endo warriors face- side effects from the medication, depression and anxiety. I’ve battled it and still getting through the depression.”

Despite all the struggles, she is grateful that she is slowly and surely conquering.

Jahmby Koikai explains why she walks around in a mask

All in all, I have a heart of gratitude. I’m thankful to God because i will also conquer Adenomyosis. It’s been 21 years of pain. 21!!!!!!! I’m just happy to be here.. God has been so good to me.

We are glad Jahmby is back on her feet and has returned to work as the official reggae MC at Vineyard club on Kiambu Road.

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