Diana Marua has a dream, a dream to pursue education in cooking and design.

Diana applied for a scholarship and the day is here. She decided to announce the news in front of her whole family including her sisters, hubby Bahati and his brothers.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

While seated at the table just after dinner, Diana announced that she will be going to a cooking school in Italy. A dream she had before giving birth to their daughter Heaven Bahati.

She had prepared for any reaction especially from Bahati, knowing that her announcement was going to be a bittersweet feeling for her family.

I’ve told you before that in another world I would like to be a chef. I have gotten the opportunity to go to for a training offer for 2 months in one of the fine dining restaurants in Italy. I feel like this is it for me

Her excited sisters clapped happily, which got her emotional. Diana started crying but her sisters told her she should be rejoicing instead because it’s a happy moment.

All this time, Bahati was silent.

After the visitors left, his tone changed and called Diana for a family meeting in the bedroom. Little did he know the cameras were following him.

It is not easy being Bahati’s wife! Diana Marua cries


you are just excited about Italy. let me ask you, why am I your husband? even for me you come and surpriseD me in front of your sisters and my brother. I’ve been with you all day but you did not see it fit to let me know?

Diana Marua trying to defend herself, responds by saying:

that’s not the point. the point here is that I got a good offer and after the offer, we will know what next. when I applied we didn’t have a baby.

Now it became a back and forth argument between Diana and Bahati.

Bahati: okay, you’ve always wanted to do it so you surprise me in front of your sisters? you even called them for dinner for them to eat my food then shock us? You have put us all on one level.

and you crew, you are even following me in my bedroom surely all in the name of a reality show?

Diana: I didn’t know you’d take it like this babe. I thought it was a surprise.

‘Just go to Italy were his final words before jumping into bed.

The argument was heated because we have never ever seen Bahati this angry.

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