DJ Mo has a message for you who have been assuming Pierra’s child is his.
He cleared the air on the rumour that Pierra Makena’s daughter was sired by him in an exclusive interview with Kiss100.
Ladasha, his daughter by gospel singer Size 8 bears an uncanny resemblance with DJ Pierra’s daughter and fans have found it hard to stay quiet on the whole issue.

When people are young they look alike. I can never deny my blood and if she was my child, I would never deny that but unfortunately, she is not my child.

He added that the two children could be looking alike because their parents are both DJs.

He mentioned that toddlers always seem to look alike something he has never understood. In the case Pierra’s child was his, he made it clear that he would never reject his own blood.

if that was my child why should I deny her on a serious note? So that Kenyans can do what? so if she was mine I would have accepted. 

You could tell from the interview he is very passionate about children. He even mentioned that anything Ladasha needs, Ladasha gets.

Aside from that he even has an orphanage together with his wife, Size 8 where he takes care of over 100 children and educates them.

Manz hot! Size 8 must be happy with DJ Mo for changing his body (sexy photo)

The two, DJ Mo and Size 8, are the new celebrities in business after launching Friends Car-wash, Beauty parlour and a barbershop in Kilimani at Dennis Pritt road opposite St Georges girls high school.

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