Risper Faith documented her pregnancy journey to her fans on social media.

From her cravings to her struggles with weight gain and of course the support of her husband, Brian who was fully there to help her get through it.


She has kept her baby’s face and the story of delivery experience hidden from her fans followers but today being mothers day, she has opened up about the tough experience on the delivery bed.

Confessing that she had to undergo a Caesarian Section, Risper says being a mother is not easy.

After a good pregnancy, the last minute saw her unable to dilate to 10cm and so she had to go under the knife.

Being a mother isn’t at all easy, and today as we celebrate mother’s day, I would like to share with you my story as a mother…
I had a good pregnancy and I thank God for that, even though at the final hours delivery I couldn’t take the pain anymore that led me to undergo caesarian section(cs)…I wasn’t able to dilate to 10 cm for 12 hours…

The experience did not dampen her spirit. All she thought about was she had to be strong for her baby because that’s what mothers should be, strong.

It was a very painful experience, to say the least, any mother can relate to that. But I was strong, I had to be strong for my baby, and that’s what mothers are…STRONG…so celebrate mothers day and always be strong!!! Happy Mothers Day🥰

It is the first time she opening about about this so we should expect to see her baby’s face and name any time soon.

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We thank God she made it through the hardship so that we can see her be an amazing mother to her child and an amazing wife to Brian.

Happy Mothers Day Risper.

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