Mimi Mars in an interview blurted out the news that Vanessa Mdee and Juma Jux had broken up again. In her defense, she was trying to clarify that she was not behind their breakup.

She said,

No, the two break up all the time. Why would I get in between the two? How can I be the cause? I have no say in their relationship. It doesn’t concern me at all. Those allegations are a hundred percent false


The break up has been hard on Vanessa but she is a pro at hiding it. It’s always a smile on her face but deep down she has a lot going on. She took to Twitter to confess that the heartbreak got worse to a point she wasn’t eating nor sleeping.

Every day I tell you about how strong I am. Today I’ll tell you about how defeated I  feel. I’ve cried for hours, I’ve had nothing to eat (and I love food and there’s plenty available in my house). I’ve canceled every meeting. I’ve sat in darkness curtains shut… I still feel alone and like sh*t. This is not a cry for attention, this is for you to understand WE ALL GO THROUGH IT No shame. You’re allowed to feel everything and be affected by it too… give yourself an allowance. Tomorrow I am going to be back on my bullsh*t and this will just be a low. Life is filled with highs and lows.

Vanessa has made it clear that it’s not about attention but just to put it out there that she is not perfect.

sorry If I ever made you feel like I didn’t have these moments and that pressured you into believing that your life wasn’t ‘perfect. You’re extraordinary. Discomfort is needed for growth.


Vanessa Mdee glowing after her break up with Juma Jux

The realness on the post got the attention of so many people who can relate. We hope she will heal from the heartbreak soon and find the one who will love her.

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