Bahati is a father of four children and one of them is not Diana Marua’s.

One thing women fear is baby mama drama. And from the two’s relationship, drama is definitely part of their life but luckily for them, baby mama drama is not on the list.

Yvette Obura was Bahati’s first love and they got a gorgeous baby girl, Mueni Bahati.

During Diana’s QnA segment on Instagram, she was asked to describe her relationship with Yvette.

Bahati was very open with me when we started dating and he mentioned he has a daughter somewhere and when I got into the relationship, I knew what I was getting myself into.

Diana added,

I did not have the thought of baby mama drama with the girlfriend. I was like we will deal with it as it comes.The fact that that they have a daughter together means it all about Mueni and so they have to talk and I do not have a problem with that.

She also went further to explain her relationship with Mueni.

Mueni comes home during the weekend because my children are her siblings. I love it when she comes because she will come and confide in me and it makes me feel good that I am not her mother but she will still come to me for anything.

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In short, she has a good rapport with Yvette Obura.

So no beef, the dad goes for her in their house or she is brought here and that is how we live.

From her answer so many of her fans so a side of her they call mature because she answered it with no drama or any form of bitterness and she seemed very open and honest.

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