Sugar Emcee is a recognized Kenyan rapper who have been scaling the musical heights.

The female rapper sis not slow down even after getting pregnant with her first child.

A month after giving birth Sugar Emcee released a track titled Salute Madem.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss, Sugar Emcee opened up about she got to talk about the new song, pregnancy complications and motherhood.


I just got a baby is a boy he was born on 22nd of October.I have a new music called Salute madem. It is a song about women encouraging them not to give up.

She revealed hat she went through during the video shoot of the song.

It was challenging because during the video shooting someone got really injured and we had to rush them to the hospital and come back and still finish up the video while I’m still pregnant. We had to complete it that night because it was few days to induction and we did not want to risk anything. Then before I release the video, the doctor found out that there were complications with my pregnancy the baby was sitting in weird position and I had to go for an operation so I booked for a cesarean and I go in but few minutes to the surgery the nurse told me that the baby have turned around and is fine so I go home.

Few days later I go and they say the baby is still sitting badly again. So I told the doctor lets give the baby 3 days  if he is good we induce if not we operate. So I go after the three days and he was fine and I give a birth normally. I thank God we are fine and the baby is healthy.

I decided I am releasing this video and song anyway even when I am pregnant, I had no days off even now, I am one week since I gave birth and am almost releasing another one.”


The sweet rapper concluded by saying,

“Motherhood together with music is very challenging it is hard but doable. You just need to be willing not to sleep and put in twice the effort in your work. You also have to love what you are doing because if you don’t you will be really miserable. Like I love music and being a mum.”

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