Kenyan artiste Stacy Kamatu also known as Wairimu Kamatu, who is behind the song ‘Coka mucii’ (go back home) has come out to talk about her music journey and the inspiration behind her music.

Well, she was hosted by Kiss FM’s Chito Ndhlovu on Maloko Show ,where she shared her journey.

She said her first song was ‘Cooka Mucii’ which means come back home.

Stacy Kamatu

When asked when she started singing she said, “I have been singing since I was a small girl but professionally, I started singing after the Sauti Academy was on.”

She went ahead and gave the inspiration behind her first song.

“My first song was about God like about a prodigal son because I did not know what it meant but I later thought about my life and I came to learn that it was about me”.

Stacy Kamatu

She went ahead and talked about the challenges she faces as a singer.

“The main challenge as a singer was maybe finances despite doing music in a band because I have been a regular artiste and they do not pay well though the lifestyle in which I play music is different because I play my music in pubs.”

Stacy Kamatu also talked about her mum and the support she gets from her.

She said, “My mum is very supportive and she knows she raised someone who will not bend her own rules because I have things I stand by and I have never strayed and that is all I need”.

Stacy Kamatu

Chito also asked her what she is happy about being in the music industry.

“I love the fact that my music is played on radio.”

Stacy also talked about the inspiration behind her second music which is called ‘Kilio’

“Kilio means a cry and I sang it after there was so much pouching in our country and this made me cry.

I decided to be the voice of those animals and so I had to speak on their behalf.”

In the interview, Chito also revealed that his second name, Ndhlovu, means a great elephant.

Listen to the whole conversation below;