A man called in on The Morning Conversation with Kamene and Kibe crying out on his experience with his supervisor who se3ually harassed him.

“I used to have a job and my supervisor was an old lady. For me to be permanently employed she said I have to sleep with her and if not I will be fired. I am not back home in ushago farming because that is how life is.

I had interned for four months I had an opportunity to get the job but she said I had to do something and she said we had to meet at a certain hotel and next week you will get a letter and get a job. I’d rather farm than be farmed. She was around 47 approaching 50. There is a way we’ve been raised we can not accept this.” The caller said

Andrew Kibe said he did not believe this story saying this has never happened to him so it is a unicorn story.

‘Stop that narrative that children are a blessing!’ Andrew Kibe shouts

“I did not believe it. There were days I was a young guy looking so good and I have never gotten such a preposition. I think this is a unicorn story.” ANdrew Kibe said

“Ladies are used to anyone katianing them but imagine a man going through this. A man would rather be given the job and then asked to sleep with the woman as a favor, not an ultimatum.” He added

Kamene was doubtful because these stories could be true it is just that men do not talk about it.

“I have not heard a lot of stories but men do not talk about it. They hide it and the narrative because men can not be se3ually harassed. We have been victims for too long and now we are becoming the prey.” Kamene said.

Male callers were vocal saying it is sad no one belives them even when they are raped. So many men go through harassment they just opt to keep quiet.

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