She may be looking very confident in these Nairobi streets but Nabayet does not wear bras.

So many of her the fans she acquired after she was introduced to us by Otile Brown – her boyfriend – and some haters have always complained about saggy b**bs. Haters can come for anything and from anywhere.

One fan asked Nabayet, the same old question on her b**bs. She had an answer that left me wishing I was her.

Nabby explained that bras are suffocating and painful, something she sees no reason for doing.

“Just to put this question to rest once and for all… no I have never worn a bra nor do I own one. It’s way too suffocating and painful. Suffocate for what?” she answered 

It sure must be nice to have that options right?

Contrary to what people think, bras do not make your breasts lose their shape. Nabayet is has done her research because no bra has benefits.

According to Tip Hero, not wearing a bra doesn’t cause your breasts to sag. According to the study, the “support” of bras weakens the muscles in the chest, making the breasts droop. To keep your breasts rounder and perkier, it’s actually best to let them do their own thing.

Remember the study that was released a few weeks ago on bras? Well, the breasts of 330 participants aged between 18 to 35 were measured for15 years. Rouillon and his team used a caliper and side rule to measure the changes in breast features of the women.

‘I’ll die for you’ Otile Brown gives Nabayet some assurance

The research showed that women who chose to skip the bra showed a 7 mm lift in their nipples on an average when compared to those who wore bra regularly.
Nabayet Otile Brown's bae
So leave Otile Brown’s girlfriend, Nabayet alone, she is doing just fine.