In October 2018, Pendo left team mafisi heartbroken after a video from her engagement to Joseph Kner went viral.

She shared photos and videos flaunting her engagement ring after Mishi Dora broke the news. But it turns out the whole affair was stage managed!

In an interview with KISS100 Kner revealed that he met Pendo on Instagram and upon visiting Kenya, he asked her to ‘work’ with him. The engagement was a ploy to attract the attention of his Kenyan baby mama and daughter whom he hadn’t seen for some time.

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Exclusive: ‘It was a deal, not a relationship!’ Pendo’s mzungu ‘fiance’ exposes her

Well, during the ‘ask me a question’ segment, Pendo decided to clarify a few things regarding the relationship with the Mzungu bae.


One thing she is grateful for is that she dodged a bullet. According to her story, Kner just wanted to use her to gain publicity and she said:

i dodged a bullet and thank god.


Pendo wants her fans to know that they should not worry about her because she does not have the time for his games.

i don’t have that time. let him enjoy himself maybe he did not play as a child

NO! Pendo publicly denies being in a relationship with Ringtone

This man was the reason why she was arrested because he left her with a hotel bill after spending a night with her.

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