Khaligaph Jones has moved on completely from his previous relationship.

He dated his ex girlfriend Cashy for a short while. Cashy is also a rapper, and they did a collabo, ‘Mi Casa’ that hit over a million YouTube views.

Last year, rumors that they had broken up spread like wild fire and not long after, Cashy was spotted heavily pregnant and no..Khaligraph is not the baby daddy.

Recently, she took to social media opening up that her previous relationship was toxic. She talked about rumors that were floating around about her cheating on Brian Ouko aka Khaligraph.

In an exclusive interview with KISS100, Khaligraph was asked to clarify the allegations that he had many side chics and sponsoree’s and that his new song is about her.

He said:

how so? I don’t even know who you’re talking about. let me tell you something. it’s a known fact about khaligraph jones. i try to keep my personal life discreet.

When asked to defend the allegations, he suddenly got worked up saying:

can we just not talk about that. those are not the kind of topics i want to talk about. i am happy and i don’t want anything to tamper with that.


In the moment of excitement, Khaligraph Jones broke the news that he is going to be a father.

the only thing that is of importance is that the OG is going to be a father. ntakuwa baba mzazi. so much has been said but OG  is OG. all that makes me happy is that i am going to be a father and i feel good

Meet Khaligraphs new bae and baby mama below:

Khaligraph introduces his heavily pregnant babe to the world (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

We wish them nothing but the best in this new chapter of their lives.

Watch the full interview here:

Read more here.

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