Gospel musician Wahu Kagwi was at one time angry with the church and stayed away from God. Wahu was a popular secular artiste before switching to gospel.

In an interview with Kiss100.co.ke, she said;

“My regret is that I stayed away from God because I did feel I was angry with the church and I let that overtake my relationship with Christ. In terms of my journey, I have no regret. I knew it was God and even the award that I won, I could feel it was God’s doing.

“I regret most living away from Christ and I have even told God about it. The reason I am saying that is because there are secular artistes who have a very tight relationship with God and that is their journey.”

She has released a gospel hit that’s been well received by fans. The support for her gospel songs seems to be greater than her secular music.

“I’m grateful for the reception and there has been a lot of positive comment since I made my announcement that I was changing to gospel. I received a lot of support from the church and the gospel circle so I’m overwhelmed because the non-gospel artistes are also really supporting me which speaks a lot.”

Wahu says her secular songs were never explicit. “I was true to doing my singing, even as a secular artiste, and I don’t regret having done secular music because it was part of my journey.

“Even then, I did back-up music for gospel artistes although at the time, I felt there was a bit of a [lack of] authenticity because I could see some church leaders preaching wine and drinking water.

“I did see God’s favour because most of the things I achieved then were through His grace. I did not write bad music because most were all about women empowerment and the like.”

Wahu is currently promoting her new song Nifanane Nawe.

“The song reminds people of the virtues that Christ has so they can also emulate [them]. I desire to be more like Christ,” she said.

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