Finally, Khaligraph Jones and Bien Amie have released the song we have been waiting for, ‘Yes Bana’.

In the song, Papa Jones reveals a lot from his days as a thief to beefing with various artistes most notably the long standing feud with Octopizzo.

“Nishawahi kuwa thegi Masimba.

na mi sina been na ohanga. ohanga hunitaki kwa nini? Mbona usifanye tracki na mimi tutop hizi chart za mjini after that we will be happy amini. (i have been a theif in Masimba. I do not have beef with Ohanga. Ohanga why don’t me to prosper? Why can’t we work on a collabo together and top the charts in these streets. Trust me after that we will be happy)”Khali raps

He also asks Nyashinksi why they have never worked on a collabo saying he won’t take a no for an answer this time round.

Khali makes it clear he is an Arsenal fan and in the video we see him in the midst of dancers wearing the jersey, as he encourages Arsenal fans that this season belongs to them, they should not worry.

Zero gangster points! Khaligraph Jones begs Octopizzo for a collabo

In the song ‘Yes Bana‘, Khaligraph also says he has finally paid dowry to his girlfriend Georgina Muteti’s family, so her title is no longer baby mama but wife.

“Oops nishalipa mahari, dame nishapata wa kumarry mamasita ni chupa shinda Zari. (Opps I have already paid dowry I found a lady to marry has a better body than Zari)”

We must respect the OG because he has acknowledged his wife saying he is not about the cheating life. He takes shots at Huddah who has refused to pick up his calls.

“Huddah masimu hashiki, anadhani mimi natry  kumpiga miti. Mimi nina wife sipendi hizo kiki (Huddah ain’t picking up my calls she thinks I want to sleep with her? I have a wife and I do not like that form of clout chasing)” Khaligraph raps

He featured Bien, who brought in his vocals to make the song a bit chilled. From the look of things, they enjoyed shooting that video because Bien was in another cloud. We can tell which one bases on his lyrics.

If you know, you know.

We also have to acknowledge the OG made sure he is dressed in Nigerian attire to throw more shade at his nemesis, Blaq Bonez.

Watch the video of ‘Yes Bana’ below:

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