Joanna Kinuthia

If you love beauty and fashion I’m pretty you are familiar with one extremely beautiful lass, Joanna Kinuthia.

She has proven that indeed hardwork pays and she’s among the few Kenyan YouTubers who are consistent when it comes to churning out content.

Well, in an interview with Adelle and Shaffie on Breakfast with the Stars, Joanna walked us through her journey and starting a cosmetic company.

Joanna Kinuthia

First video, what was it about?

“It was a smokey eye. I was showing people how to do a smokey eye. I’ve always loved makeup and I realized that people wanted to learn how to wear makeup and I knew a few things, so I decided the easiest way to reach people is to start a channel and share how to wear makeup, even if I didn’t expect anyone to watch, I still went for it anyway.”

What did you need to learn before you went all in?

“The only thing I knew was how to wear makeup, I didn’t know how to use a camera, I didn’t know how to edit. The first time I shot, I used a camera because luckily my dad had one, but I didn’t know how to use it.”

Joanna Kinuthia

How did you learn how to use it?

“YouTube. I watched a tone of videos on how to use a camera and then how to edit. I studied for hours and hours before I finally sat down to film my first video and it worked out.”

Where were you in your life at the time that you were starting?

“I was in Strathmore University, I was in my last year. I was doing Bcom Marketing.”

Was there ever a time you wanted to give up on the whole YouTube thing?

“Not Really. I’ve always enjoyed it, of course there are some negative comments that come and you wonder why you are even doing all this, but for the most part no. There’s a lot of negativity on YouTube, many keyboard warriors hiding behind their phones. Sometimes it’s not even negative but people neat-pick at every single thing.

Joanna Kinuthia

How often do you post a video?

“I currently post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 am. I shoot on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then I try and pre-film so all the content for next week, I’m planning to film and edit and upload.”

“Planning actually really helps. I come up with a content plan where I know, this day, this is the content I’m gonna film. It helps me stay consistent and I’m also able to be creative when I plan.”

Joanna Kinuthia

How did Joanna K. Cosmetics journey start?

“It was something I always wanted to do. It was like in the ten year plan but the last year I thought, why not do this and do this now. So the company is called Joanna K. Cosmetics. At first I thought naming a company after yourself is a bit vain but I had already built this personal brand so I thought I will just ride on it.

People already know Joanna Kinuthia so why not call the company Joanna K. Cosmetics. I launched on the first of December and the first collection is called the Aspire Collection and it’s my mum who named it unknowingly because I kept talking about how this is the first collection and one of the reasons why I’m starting this company is to push people to get out of their comfort zone and do the things they love to do, do things they are passionate about. She said, why not call it Aspire. So that’s how the name came about. The Aspire collection has an eye shadow palette and four lippies. The whole collection is 9,100 shillings.”

Joanna Kinuthia

How has the response been?

“The response was overwhelming. It was honestly so overwhelming. I got so much support from my community online.”

How did you get funding for your cosmetic line?

“Well, I put in all the capital for this company, so I saved over the span of one year, which was last year. So YouTube pays, for anyone who might not know that, and it pays quite well. So I put together all the money I earned from YouTube and from brand collaborations and that’s what I used to finance Joanna K. Cosmetics.

How can one access your products?

You can get them online on Instagram or Facebook. We are a social media based company and we want to sell to you without you having to leave your IG feed. So DM us and we will take your order.

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