Juliani has been away from the music the game fo a while now and he says it us because he was restructuring his life.

In an interview with Bety Kyallo he revealed a lot including his relationship with Brenda Wairimu which you can read about in the link below:

‘We’ve not been together for two years’ Juliani opens up about breakup with Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu and Juliani/ Instagram

Juliani also talked about the grief of losing his close friend, The Late Bob Collymore. A man who was more than a friend to him. Betty asked him how life has been since he lost Bob.

Juliani emotionally opened up saying,

it is heavy. even the other day I was asking myself who will I call when I am in need. because back then I would call him at any time tell him I am not okay and when I call him to ask for as little amount as a thousand shillings and he will come through.

He added,

we were that close. He was the kind of person who did not ask a lot of questions. Now borrowing someone’s money you need to give a lot of your documents as guarantee and reasons.

Bob was more was the man Juliani looked up to for affirmation and mentorship.

you need someone to affirm your voice, of course, I know a few things and I am established but you always need someone above you to encourage you that you’re on the right track

He mentioned he is at a point in his life where he feels he has nobody.

Now I fell I do not have someone to protect me.


Juliani was among the few people who were present for Bob’s burial. It was an intimate ceremony with very close friends and family.

From file pictures it was evident he lost a good friend, brother and mentor. But his legacy shall continue to be felt in Kenya through the people he mentored including Juliani.

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