Natalie Tewa and Rnaze were our picture-perfect social media couple famously known for their vlogs

Late March, their dirty linen was aired out in public and it exposed that they were both cheaters. Natalie came out saying she did not cheat but provided evidence that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

The 25-year-old took to social media to announce the end of their relationship because of physical abuse.

‘He has broken my arm’ Video of Natalie Tewa thrown out by Rnaze

The break up was so public we even saw Natalie Tewa in a leaked video packing her things up to leave the house they lived in.

A few days later, they released a press statement on their status after the breakup. Read it all here:

Love wins! Natalie Tewa and Rnaze address the nation after making up

It’s been months and finally, Natalie Tewa has done another vlog to answer the questions her fans had in regards to her relationship with Rnaze.

Natalie said,

To be honest that relationship has ended and I hope you guys would accept and move on. We have to move on from things in the past. It was good while it lasted. Okay? Unfortunately, it ended on a very bad note and we reconciled and made a statement but we are not talking.

She gave the reason as to why they are not in good terms saying,

We are not talking because I feel that space is necessary and I don’t feel very comfortable talking to my exes or even catching up. for me, that is not even an option. It was a really weird break up. I felt like I was going through a divorce. I have honestly never invested that much in a relationship ever in my life. It felt like it was my first relationship in my 25 years of living and going through that breakup was very difficult and tough. I did learn a lot, you live and you learn. I felt that I was also quite naïve and going into a relationship that was not very healthy for me. I hope people will understand that and stop asking me or telling me to go back. I am never going back, it ended. That’s done. I am sorry guys

Natalie has been travelling looking like she is having the time of her life. Just like her fans, I would also want to know how she moved on so fast. It is simple, allow yourself to fill the emotions.

She added,

I am still coping. it may seem like I am still happy and all but genuinely I was really down for quite some time. For a year plus we were doing everything together so there was a gap in my life. So what I did is I filled that gap with other things. I started traveling I took up different new things, hanging out with friends and family more. It took time but yeah. I am the kind of girl who would just live life and forget that which has hurt me but I have learned that human beings have emotions and we have to go through them an deal with it to avoid it haunting us later.

One thing she always wants to achieve on her vlog is authenticity.

So she admitted that she may be strong and all but she misses him every day because a large part of her life was with him.

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