Avril just wants to raise her baby in peace.

She gave birth a few months ago to a baby boy after she shocked her followers with a baby bump shoot 2 days before she gave birth.

Just after giving birth, Avril was approached by Naiboi who was doing a simple video of Kenya celebrities singing along to his song. The requirements were for them to be anywhere as long as they sing along to the song on a phone camera and then send it to him.

The video cam out and Avril was not present. The excitement of the video caught the attention of many and in a couple of interviews, Naiboi was asked if anyone did not want to participate in the video and he mentioned, Avril.

Of course, fans were up in arms on social media bashing Avril. We called her to get an exclusive answer to the trolls.

She said:

Nothing much to elaborate really goes without saying that I was postpartum and readjusting to my new life. It’s sad that a couple of men, and unfortunately some women, wouldn’t understand that once a woman gives birth she needs some time to herself and her child, away from work, stress, pressure. I was in that state at the time. Yes, I could not honestly be bothered to get my hair/makeup done to record a selfie for a music video while my entire being (emotional and physical) was trying to readjust. I found his comments to be in bad taste especially being in the state I was in so I just chose to block his negativity and not respond. Again goes without saying, I had someone more important who needed my attention.

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