Diana Marua is a mother of two now after the birth of Majesty Bahati a few days ago.

Bahati wanted their firstborn to be a boy but they got a girl and when the second born came, the parents were content.

During an interview on K24 Weekend with Betty, Diana confessed that she is done having babies but her husband does not feel the same.

When Heaven was born, Diana confessed that Bahati was not there for her that led her to develop postnatal depression.

I was a first-time mum and Bahati was not there for me. He was working too much. heaven used to cry so much and it leaves me wondering what is wrong. I have changed her diaper I have fed her and she was still crying. 


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Diana is having sleepless nights. She describes how there are days she falls asleep with the baby in her hands while Bahati is just sleeping claiming he is tired from work.

To make matters worse, he is in the studio up until 3 am and he wakes up at 1 pm, eats and leaves for work. No time to spend with the family.

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Bahati did not deny the claims. But with this time he says he has changed and he is there for Diana and Majesty.

Though the wife still says he is on his phone too much and that is the one thing about him that irritates her.

The mother of two has hopes that he will change because it takes 21 days to form a habit so she will wait to see.

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