In case you did not know, Andrew Kibe was once in the political game.

He ran under Mudavadi’s party as a contestant for the Langatta Mp seat back in 2013. Ever since this news was leaked, he has always said it was not an easy place in his life to be at.

Today on the morning Kiss with Kamene and Kibe, the discussion was on the just concluded KIbra election. One thing that was very obvious was the support the contestants got. Their political party leaders were standing behind them strongly.

Andrew Kibe went back in time remembering his experience and what he will never forget was that he had no support.

Mudavadi did not campaign for me yet I was in his party, slightly over 1000 votes. I had nothing, no money to even fuel my Subaru. Some guy called Githae gave me the most amount of money which was 50k for my campaign. Kibe reveals

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He lost the political seat to Joash Olum during the 2012 elections but that came as a lesson for him. He constantly says he does not want the fake friends in his life no more. When he lost the seat and his job, he lost a lot of people but now that he is a big deal, they are slowly creeping back in but he is fine without them.

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