‘I had to learn how to speak English and Swahili before coming to Nairobi’ Msupa S opens up

The Kalenjin rap queen from Bomet who goes by the name Sandra Chebet Koetch AKA Msupa S, has landed in the music industry without any mercy by hitting hard with the song ‘watajua hawajui’ alongside the top male rapper Khaligraph Jones aka Papa Jones.

Msupa S

She released a new single that is called ‘I don’t care’, the song that she puts records straight to her haters who think she cannot make it in the music industry.

She started rapping four years ago but she has several songs like ‘Hello hello’ which she has sang in Kalenjin language.

Msupa S

If you can remember her video and music track of the version of ‘All the way up’ which was originally done by American rappers Remy Ma, Fat Joe and French Montana, went viral making her the talk of town for weeks.

In the track she came hitting hard on various Kenyan female hip hop artists like Kyki, Noti Flow, Femi One and Sosuun.

Msupa S

Speaking to Shaffie Weru and Adelle Onyango on Breakfast with the Stars, she said that she felt encouraged with the recognition from a fan in the United States of America which got the attention of her boyfriend who was concerned with how the video went viral on social media especially on facebook and twitter.

That recognition from the United States fan is what got Msupa S to stick to her guns and to keep going on with rapping.


The ‘Watajua Hawajui’ single came about after Msupa S met with Khaligraph Jones at an interview in a local media house that they had gone separately.

Khaligraph was drawn to her confidence, courage and most especially her talent and they talked about working together, so Khaligraph looked for her through her manager to uplift Msupa S’ career after he noticed the potential Msupa S had in rapping.

Msupa S

She got support from home after rapping to her family and friends during holidays back at home and they were willing to help her travel to Nairobi to record her music five years ago as she Shaffie and Adelle.

But at the moment she could not take the offer because she needed to study first and know how to speak in English and Kiswahili so that she can be able to express herself in front of other Kenyans, since she only knew how to speak in Kalenjin.

Msupa S

The rapper said that upon getting to Nairobi to record her first single, she underwent transformation so that she could look fresh and ready to get into the music industry.

Her transformation was from her outfits and make up and she went on to say that the transformation is good and she cannot take for granted how music has changed her life from the village girl she was to where she is now.

Msupa S

Apart from singing and rapping the hype and confident Msupa S is for sure a girl who is not lazy back at home because per the interview she said that back in her home village she was used to going to go to the river to draw water.

She does not only do that but she can also cook and farm.

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