Bahati is a name that is mentioned in many scandals but in his open letter to God, he also remembers the good he has done.

He rose to fame as a celebrated gospel artiste when he debuted his song ‘Mama’. The song moved so many people to tears and most memorably, he got to sit on the president’s seat and sing to Ngina Kenyatta.

In his new song, Nakupa Moyo featuring Madam Boss Akothee, his verse is in memory of the struggles he went through from an early age to the where is now, a famous artiste.

At Only 19 Years Old I was Out here Hustling fighting to get a Life. Straight from ABC Kenya Children’s Home hopeless but yet full of Dreams I knew God; You had blessed me with Artistic Gifts to save my forgotten Family from Poverty. In 2013 You gave me my 1st National Breakthrough Song #MAMA that turned my life around.

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He goes on to confess that yes, he has made mistakes but he has learned from them. He doesn’t forget to mention that he has been at war with so many people ever since he started his music career, from Willy Paul to Peter Blessing and just recently, Producer Paulo.

“As a human being, I have Done many Good things and I have also Made Mistakes but I take them all as Lessons. At my age, My success has made me Sit with Kings and at the Same Time Brought Me Trouble with Kids but I THANK YOU GOD Because you have taken me through them All. Dear God as I was singing this Verse I remembered all the Fights and Hate I have Come across in this Career| Ministry and I found Myself Deep in Prayer… Well Remembering that after every Battle I go through God has always Created a Way for #BAHATI to Come out Bigger and Better 🙏 This is a song I did with @AkotheeKenya to Thank You God for Always fighting for Us During the Storms.” Bahati added

He concluded his prayer by saying he will never forsake God.

And as #JanetOtieno Reminded me Yesterday of a Speech I made when I won Everything in my Last Groove Awards…I Say it Again. DEAR GOD YOU’VE ALWAYS FAVORED ME DESPITE WHAT, I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU🙏🙏🙏 #NAKUPA_MOYO

This is the first gospel song we have heard from Bahati in a long time. His followers were concerned he had moved to secular based on his recent releases. He had received a lot of hate from a lot of his followers so hopefully with this one, he has redeemed himself.

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