She has constantly claimed that she’s doesn’t believe in marriage and isn’t ready to get tied down to one man all her life. But Huddah seems to contradict her statements all the damn time. One day she wants a man in her life, the next she claims she can’t be with a guy for too long.

Huddah 1

She has yet again come out to express her yearning desire to fall in love with a guy who will, well maybe save her from social media madness and give her babies.

Huddah Monroe Reveals The Nigerian Man She Wants To Marry (Photos)

But we all tend to ask ourselves what kind of a mother she will be, considering she’s a wild one. At the same time, it’s said that babies change people’s lives. Maybe when she gets babies of her own she’ll be the perfect mother for them.

Huddah 2

Well, she went ahead to open up on social media, stating that even though love hurts, she just wants to have a taste of how it feels.

‘The Streets Raised Me, I’m Not Meant To Impress Anyone,’ Socialite Huddah Monroe Tells Fans

She said, “I want to feel it…even if it hurts! I just want to fall inlove and disappear . Delete all these social media! Focus on that love! Make 10 babies!🤤😆❤️. But there’s no one worth the fall! So let’s continuuuu with them ONS😔😣.”