Terence Creative aka Kamami and his wife, Milley Chebby have had a rough couple of weeks they probably need a holiday.

They had been branded on of Kenyan’s power couple until the day news broke out of the comedians cheating scandal.

He had to defend himself and show his wife how much he loves her by putting up romantic post son social media. Milly even deactivated her Instagram account just to keep off all the drama.

I am sure Terence would want to do the same but for him, he makes money through his social media platforms as an influencer so atapambana tu.

Drama erupts after Terence Creative aka Kamami admits to cheating on wife, Milly

Milley had a chance on Tamimia’s show, The Round Table where she talked about being a celebrity’s wife. It is not easy she sad but she has found a balance to keep him rooted.

The one problem Milly and the husband have is women on his DM.

In the dm, I used to get a lot of sasa kamami. And because his Instagram is on my phone and vice-versa I would see the messages. But I keep him rooted because men forget easily

‘I am afraid for my life’ Anita Soina cries out over Milly’s threats

She mentioned that all the drama with women in their marriage was new because they were not too many. They were always behind the scenes with time they noticed that they needed boundaries.

After Terence admitted to cheating and the whole scandal, his social media shows he has moved on like nothing ever happened. Which I guess is the best decision.

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