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Media personality, Janet Mbugua’s elder brother, Kevin Mbugua opened up to his sister and the world about depression.

She opened up her new show, Here and Now, with the story of depression. A medical condition that is slowly but surely taking away the youth.

This reality is is something facing Janet and her family. Her brother, Kevin who is a celebrated actor and artiste came close to ending his life battling mental illness.

He recalled how back in 2007 he was going through a dark phase and he thought that the only way out was to end his precious life. Suicidal thoughts engulfed his mind while on a train trip from Mombasa to Nairobi.

I was taking a train from Mombasa to Nairobi and it was during that ride that I decided I was going to end my life

He added,

I remember pulling the window down of the compartment and slowly throwing my stuff out and emptying my suitcase and by the time I was getting to Nairobi I didn’t even have a suitcase.

I remember walking into shops and looking for something that was corrosive or poisonous enough that would do that job.

Kevin says that when he was in the hardware looking for something toxic, that is when it hit him that he was not okay and decided to call his family members.

That is when I called my mother and father and everybody in the family rallied behind me.

Now that he is doing great, Kevin says that he has realized that the type of darkness he was in was just a sign that there was a revolution about to happen.

‘You couldn’t have picked it’ Janet Mbugua’s brother talks depression

He explains,

It is a sign that you’ve reached the maximum of a certain phase of your life and because you don’t know what the next phase of your life is supposed to be, your first instinct is to feel like your life is over.

But actually it is only the phase that is over and you should take it as a sign that you are about to evolve.

Janet Mbugua/ Instagram

Kevin assured his sister and the family that it is not their fault, adding they couldn’t have known because he chose to hide it.

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