Alfred Mutua made a surprise drop in on The Morning Kiss with Kamene and Kibe and he came in with so much positive vibes.

As we have seen and heard, Machakos has become a county that we all aspire to live in because of the developments there.

He says for him, he is not a politician but a leader.

“There is a difference between leaders and politicians. Healthcare is an important thing for me because now Machakos Level five looks like a private hospital I have hired 800 nurses.

I squeeze the shilling. We do not have money so we need to make good use of the little we have.

When I started doing all these stages to help develop Machakos, some politicians took me to court. By the time the court ruled the case that Mutua was on the right side of the law,  the guy who made Buj Khalifa pulled out on investing here saying they have put their money in other counties. They do not have time to wait. All this is because of the stupidity of politicians. Why should we go overseas to live a good life and we can do it here?” Alfred Mutua said

Kamene who is under the demographic of the youth just like her listeners opened up and asked,

The demographic who listen to KissFM including myself, the youths, we do not see and think of tribe so why are we suffering the mistakes of others?

Machakos governor answered saying,

It is time for the youth to take over the country and decide who will lead them. Now people are sitting and dividing the country. We have never moved away from pre-independent leadership. The people we have in leadership are of the system of pre-independence. It is our time to decide who is our next leader.


We do not move forward when it comes to leadership. In the states at 19 and 20, they drive their own cars and it can be the case in Kenya, we need to come out and say enough is enough and chose someone who understands poverty.

It does matter your tribe gender where you sleep and what you ate, never give up hope because God knows your plan and you can live a good life.

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After his positive statements, he left Kamene and Kibe with a little hope that if he does become president, he can be the change we have been crying for.

Just before he left the studio, Kamene told him she will play for him a song by a very promising youth when it comes to entertainment and it was Kesi Badaye by Nviiri. Excited by this Alfred Mutua said,

I know him and I love Nviiri he has amazing music.

Nviiri if there is ever a time you wanted a bluetick, there you go.

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