The biggest gospel beef in 2019 would probably be between Mr Seed and Bahati.

The two worked together and even formed a family under Bahati’s record label, EMB Records.

February this year saw the two fall out not only as workmates but also as friends and the root cause seemed to be money. All parties have mentioned in various interviews that money and disrespect is the root cause of their fall out.

After two successful years being signed under EMB records, I have finally decided o go independent and be my own artiste

Thus far, the Seed’s and Bahati’s have moved on with their life and both are fathers now with Bahati being the recent father to a baby boy, Majesty.

We caught up with Mr Seed after a very long time during Moji Short Baba’s album launch and he had a lot to say but one very mature statement was not something we expected.

He has congratulated his former boss Bahati and wife Diana Marua on their new bundle of joy, Majesty Bahati.

Congratulations to Bahati. I love that guy so much. I even texted him today to congratulate him but he didn’t respond. Congratulations to Diana as well.

Despite all that happened back then, Mr Seed is at a happy place and he is grateful for his family. He even released a song with his wife, Nimo which is just a thanksgiving song to God for they have found each other. A union ordained by God.

Emulate Mr Seed and Nimo. Celebrity couples that need to get married

The two have been through a lot of tests in their marriage and so that song is an affirmation that they belong to each other despite all the harsh conditions surrounding their love.

Watch their vows below:

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