Diamond Platumz and his bae Tanasha Donna

The first stages of love are the most beautiful part of a relationship. All this is clear when it comes to Diamond and Tanasha Donna.

It’s all about affirmation and reassurance that there is love and deep love for that matter. You know, the for better for worse kind of love? Exactly.

Tanasha Donna Diamond
Tanasha Donna Diamond

Tanasha has been Diamond Platnumz’ ride or die. Even when things seem to be going south, she will come out to defend him. Remember the day we woke up to the news that he was already cheating? Okay, it wasn’t really news to us because well, he has done this before.

Since then, Tanasha has been making it clear to all the haters that it doesn’t matter what anyone says she will still stick around.

Tanasha Diamond Platnumz

Today she posted a picture of Baba Tiffa declaring her love.

Mon amour 💕 Je t’aime tellement. ❤️(I love you so much my love)

Just so all of us understand they might actually be walking down the aisle in 6 months, Diamond replied saying she is his everything.


He has been with many women before but the kind of PDA (Public Display of Affection) these two have got us believing and living in hope to find love.

Followers who are always on Tanasha’s timeline, those who we call in-laws are not for this idea at all. They are always trying to help her realize Diamond is not such a good guy. But they say do not come in between two people who have slept together.

For better for worse! Tanasha Donna defends Diamond after cheating allegations

Tanasha Diamond Platnumz

So let us just wait for the wedding day and the babies.

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