Vera Sidika and Meg C

She is a businesswoman running a beauty parlour, and previously a video vixen-cum-socialite. It’s fair to say Vera Sidika is a jack of all trades.

You might look at her and think that she’s had everything working out for her from way back, but Vera has had her fair share of humble beginnings.

Did you know that she was once an usher?

Well, Meg C, one of Kenyans talented singers who went missing from the scene for a while, spoke to Pulse and revealed that the first time she met Vera, she was ushering guests at an event in Mombasa.

“We were at the Mombasa Music Awards where I had been called to perform. That is where I first met Vera as she ushered the guests in among other girls. She has really had a humble background. This shows how far one can really come from to make it in life,” she spoke to Pulse.

Meg C was a sweetheart to many when she joined the music industry giving us hits like ‘Nipe’.

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In an interview with Pulse, she revealed why she went missing from the music scene stating that after she lost her husband, life just became hell for her.

Meg C

“I have gone through hell and back but I am glad I have got the strength to pick up from where I left and move on. I suffered depression and quit showbiz and that is why you haven’t heard of me since.  But I am now back,” she said.

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