The discussion on who is getting more airplay and who is not is what Kenyan artistes, DJ’s and radio presenters have been talking about.

On Chito’s show, The Maloko Show he made it clear that he created a platform where he will make a point of introducing Kenyan artistes to the public.

Chito Ndhlovu

On Tuesday, Chito hosted Bilha, an artiste and PR manager and Lily Aiysha an entertainment journalist, who had differing opinions about the topic of airplay.

Bilha is in support of 100% local music while Lily is asking for good music that is appealing to listening.

Bilha defended her job saying:

those who are not getting airplay are Kenyan artistes because. all we hear on the radio is Naija, bongo and white people music.

Lily did not agree with that. All she says as a journalist who has interacted with artistes a lot is they should create music that Kenyans will be requesting.

let me tell you who is not getting airplay, it is Kenyan artistes who complaining because they do not have good music. kenyans ask for kwangwaru because kenyans want it. if people are not asking for your music, ask your self why and then sit down and compose good music

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As a radio presenter, Chito says that an artiste should find a place and home for their type of music.

i would say artistes are making music without understanding their sound. making a song to be famous and not because of the passion

Listen to more of the discussion below: