Yesterday Jaguar – real name Charles Njagua took the oath of office as the newly elected Starehe MP. The award winning singer told his fans and constituents, “I thank all those who’ve walked with me through my musical journey; My overwhelming fans, fellow musicians, producers, deejays, presenters, promoters, corporates. To assure you I will not quit on music.”


The star has now released a new single dubbed Ndoto.

“Its now close to two decades since I first set foot into a recording studio. I thank God for this gift that has over the years been an inspiration to millions of listeners in my country and beyond.”

The song is about a dream he had of being a super hero like TV star Rambo and boxing legend Mohammed Ali and how it has come to pass.

Speaking to us, Jaguar said that  Ndoto “aims to be an inspiration to the Kenyan youth who are working hard to achieve their dreams”.

Over the past years, Jaguar has been a role model and a major inspiration to the Kenyan youth through his empowerment programs under the Jaguar foundation. Such positive deeds saw him being appointed as a NACADA director by president Uhuru Kenyatta last year. A position where he proved to deliver his best in the fight against the drug menace in our country.


Now that Jaguar has been elected as the Starehe member of parliament after beating veteran politician Maina Kamanda, flamboyant city businessman Steve Mbogo and activist Boniface Mwangi, he hopes to deliver his best to the people of Starehe. His closeness to the Nairobi governor Mike Sonko and President Uhuru Kenyatta clearly act as a major boost to his constituency development plan.

When we asked him if he will continue releasing songs after being elected, Jaguar said that Music to him is like a career which he will not abandon any time soon.

“I am in this for the long haul. I ain’t quitting.”

He could not help but take a dig at Prezzo with whom he has had beef with before. He says he is has more security around him than a bank.

In a lyric directed at El Presidente, Jaguar sings, “Sina beef na hao wanajiita Kings na mfuko imetoboka. Jaguar ndio commander uliza Kamanda. Wanao dhani wame take over wacha kwanza wanunue Range Rover juu nimewaacha na Range noma. Naye refa ashasema game over.”

Moving on to more sentimental news, Jaguar showed his softer side when he wrote a moving tribute to his mother who was laid to rest in 1994.


Mheshimiwa wrote, “When I was young and going through hardships, I promised my mum I’d make her proud one day…17 years down the line, she is not around to see how her little son turned out, everything in God’s time….forever in my heart Mama.”