Juliani and Brenda Wairimu have always made headlines in regards to their relationship. When it was first revealed that the two were secretly dating, the reactions from fans were quite different. Some thought they made a great couple, others thought they were two different people who didn’t have anything in common. But hey, they still ended up together.

Brenda and Juliani

The two are blessed a beautiful baby girl, Amor, who’s face we’ve never seen. We interviewed Juliani a while back and he went ahead to say they are not ready to show their kid’s face because they prefer keeping her away from the public eye, considering both parents are public figures.

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But how did the two meet? That’s a question many people ask. Others might know the story and some might not. Brenda has finally revealed who slide in who’s DM first.

Brenda and Amor


There’s always this notion that guys slide in girl’s DMs, but for Brenda and Juliani, it was actually the opposite.

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Brenda revealed that she is the one who slid in Juliani’s DM first. During their popular talk show Let’s Talk with Monique, Ella and Pierra, Brenda said that she met J (as she calls him) on social media.

I actually met J on social media,” she told the ladies.

brenda and juliani

When asked if he slid in the DM, she stated that she was the one who slid in his DM.

I slide in his DM. You might not know this about me, but I love rap, hip hop and all that and I was a big, huge fan of his and I used to do short braids when I knew he was going to perform so that I can shake my head. So when I got to the industry I was like, maybe now I can get to meet this icon, this person that I really enjoyed his music. So I was like, hey I like your music and what not and the rest is history.”

There you have it. If you thought only guys make moves, think again.