It’s been years since Adelle Onyango lost her dear mother to cancer. From the many times she has talked about her mother, it’s quite clear that her death really affected her.

She even started a clothing line called Anyango Capsule Collection, dedicated to her late mum.

Adelle Onyango/ Instagram


2 years ago I had the idea of designing a capsule collection in honour of my late mum, Mary Anyango Onyango. A powerful, limitless and strong woman.

A collection of timeless pieces that would bring attributes of my late mum to life. So I collaborated with 4 creatives to achieve this and over the next 4 weeks we will reveal one item and one creative per week.”

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Well, Adelle has shared how she speaks to her mother everyday and the pain of losing her. She also revealed she gets mild anxiety when she thinks that one day she’ll lose a loved one and go through the pain all over again.

I speak to my late mum everyday. I think about her even more than that. I ask her for signs I’m on the right track. I dream about her sometimes…not as often I’d like but it beats nothing.

Nothing can prepare you for the powerlessness that comes with losing someone to the permanence that’s death. The post trauma…I still get mild anxiety thinking one day I’ll lose the people I love and go through this all over again.

She went on to advice people that telling someone who has lost a loved one, that things will be ok, doesn’t really make it feel like it’s gonna be ok.

If someone close to you has lost someone dear to them, please don’t tell them it’ll be ok. It won’t be ok. It will be different. And different can be quite uncomfortable.”

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