chrissy teigen

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are no doubt the cutest and most real couple we have.

For them, it is not about the clout but real love. They had a segment with Vanity Fair where they both took the hot seat and answered a few questions using a lie detector.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

The questions made them reveal a lot including the few things they find irritating about each other. Chrissy went first and revealed her husband is a messy guy.

you’re kind of messy but you are a good guy to cohabitate with. You do not listen but that’s it really

John Legend asked her is she finds other men attractive even if she is married to him. If I was in this same position I would lie and say no. But Chrissy is honest, she said

Yes, I still find other men attractive.

More to that, her husband does not feature as her top three favorite artistes. Her top two picks were Mariah Carrey and Ariana Grande.

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The only one time John felt embarrassed by Chrissy was when she posted his butt on social media which got his parents upset.

But from the interview, the two seem to have an understanding of their marriage and it works well for them.

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