Nicah The Queen has responded to her loyal and nosy followers who want to know where her heart is when it comes to her ex.

It is no secret that her ex is supper MC and TV presenter, Dr Ofweneke. She said that she still loves her ex, yet she is in a relationship. Remember the guy she went on holiday with a few months ago? That’s her manz.

During the Ask Me A Question segment on Instagram a follower asked her if she still loved her ex to which she responded saying,

“Year I still love him but no longer in love with him,” wrote Nicah.

Her ex, Dr Oweneke recently became a dad to a gorgeous girl with his new girlfriend whose name is withheld but at least we know her face.

Nicah The Queen and Weezdom speak after leaked pictures of them in bed

A few weeks before this, Nicah posted pictures with her new bae when during their vacation in Coast but she is doing the classic shy social media sharing. This means she is hiding his face all we can see are arms and legs. According to our sources, the man is Nigerian.

Everyone deserves love, so all the best to her and the new man and the same goes to Dr Ofweneke in his journey as a father with his new babe. He has occasionally insinuated he will marry her soon after the two got engaged in a private ceremony.

We can’t wait for this one. Kiss100 will keep you on the loop.

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