Zari Hassan had two days ago angrily accused Diamond Platnumz on social media of being a deadbeat, and it got everyone talking.

This all started after Diamond publicly announced that he will pay rent for 500 families during this pandemic.

Speaking in an interview with Wasafi FM, he said when he woke up to that circulating post, he was so fumed up and wrote a whole caption to post. But upon sending the post to his management team, he was told to let it go.

“I woke up in a panic after seeing the post and wrote a whole caption to post on social media but before that, I sent it to my team and they told me it is not necessary” Diamond said

The interviewer asked him what really is happening between him, Zari and their children.


“When you’re in a relationship and then you break up especially if there are children involved, there is always going to be some a form of war. A lot of anger brews up but mostly from women because they are the ones who remain with the children. So it becomes another stretch to gain access to the children.

So I saw her post yesterday and you know me and Zari do not talk we only talk through the law. So when I saw the post, out of courtesy I texted her and told her you are a parent just like me but a special one because you gave me my first children and I have so much respect for you. Even if we fight no matter how bad it gets your value to me can never reduce. So on that note, try as much as possible to avoid fights that have no meaning especially on social media because it doesn’t portray a good picture.

We started talking and everyone aired out their sentiments and we spoke very well. Remember we have not talked in a while.

We talked a lot and I expressed that I felt she was punishing me by using the children and she said no, maybe there miscommunication between our lawyers because now we had gotten to a point lawyers were involved.

We had a really great conversation and I thank God. So maybe after coronavirus our co-parenting relationship will have improved” Diamond narrated

‘You don’t know what your kids eat or how they sleep…’ Zari calls out Diamond

We really do hope after all this is said and done, he will be able to rebuild his relationship with his children.

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