Ephy Saint has finally spoken about the emotional struggles he went through waiting for the birth of his daughter Summer.

Remember her mother, Chantelle Petite crying because her daughter became sick and that is when she got postpartum depression.

“1 year ago today, when all I did was pray and send you healing when I thought I might lose you at any time but he had other plans.” Ephy posted

Summer had her one-year birthday party a few days ago that saw so many of Chantelle’s friends attend, but there was no sign of Ephy Saint.

With that said, he mentioned something on his post saying he has no idea what their relationship will be like.

 “Still growing and trying to figure out what kind a relationship we might have but really grateful you are still my summer.” He added

When Summer was born, so much drama happened between the two with a lot of their dirty linen being exposed in public. Ephy was accused of being a cheat and a dead beat while Chantelle was accused of creating stories.

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Now Chantelle is an advocate for young mothers and she helps her followers get through the tough times. The two seem to be co-parenting quite well based on the pictures we see on social media.

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