Chito Mr 2kay

Nigerian Artist Mr. 2kay is in Kenya  for  a media tour. The artist is known for his song ‘Bugugaga’

Well, during an interview with Chito Ndhlovu on Kiss FM he shared his journey to music.

“I started making it on my own, when I was young I used to hawk on the streets for my mum who was a petty trader in the street,” Mr. 2kay told Chito

He added, “That is what was giving me joy, at that time other kids were in school which made me a little bit depressed but music was my backbone. From there I started doing it for fun and people stared loving my voice, they loved how I sound when I sing.”

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After secondary school, Mr 2 Kay decided it is time to give the music a serious shot.

“I started putting my money together and because am a church boy, I pray a lot and God is so kind. I prayed for my music and also I wanted to be in Grafton record, and God answered my prayer and I was signed to be one of them.”

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