Otile Brown

Singer Otile Brown is having baby fever. Serious baby fever.

He took to Instagram to let the Kenyan ladies that he is looking for a woman “worthy” of his seed.

He wrote:

“Think I need a child this year…I need to plant a seed in a worthy p***y.”

Otile in his post break up music release, claimed that his now ex, Vera Sidika aborted their child.

Vera later came out to refute allegations by Otile that she had aborted his child.

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She explained to the Nairobian:

“I want to start a family, so there is no way I could have aborted his child. I just made sure I could not get pregnant from him. When I told him I have been taking birth control pills, he got so disappointed. I can’t commit to people who want to use me and waste my time. I am now ready to get married.”

Vera added:

“I am focused on settling down. I am 29 years old now, have slowed down and want to settle, get married and have babies. I thought Otile was the one, but at 27 years old, I didn’t think he was ready to be a father.”

Even after her break up with the RnB heartthrob, Vera continued dropping hints that she’s in dire need of a baby.

She took to social media to share that getting a daughter might be the best thing that will happen to her now that she has straightened her finances.

“Dear Future daughter. I can’t wait to get a baby girl someday so I can spoil her silly! ,” she captioned.

But even way before Otile came into the picture, the socialite was already the in so-called “baby” mood. On April Fools Day last year, Vera fooled Kenyans with photos of her with a baby bump.

“I always wanted to have a baby before I hit 30. I’m turning 29 this September and this was the perfect timing. I’m very grateful and the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. But kept it lowkey cause I wanted a stress free journey,” she said in her vlog.

In an apologetic post, Otile sought the forgiveness of the beauty for the clapbacks on social media after they broke up saying he only did that because he was hurting.

“Please find it in your heart to forgive me for clapping back at you thinking it’s the right thing to do, I was stressed and hurting. I wish you well…I am not okay, I’m hurting. You have hurt me so bad.”

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He added: “I didn’t do anything to you and deep down you know it, I’ve been nothing but real to you ever since day one. I was once your best friend, we shared secrets.”

“We were so in love, I would hold you in my arms through the night in bed. I made you smile and giggle like a baby. Damn,” Otile continued, “Unless it meant nothing to you but still you know am a good person and I don’t deserve this just because the relationship wasn’t working for me.”

“Hope you are happier now, may peace be upon you and may you find a better partner in your life.” He said.

Otile also went on to wish Vera the best in life.

“I wish you well, it won’t help me in anyway seeing you miserable in life but still, can’t wait for karma to strike me if I truly did all those things you said and vice versa. Bless you,” he added.

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