Zari Hassan and Diamond have a had a bittersweet relationship for more than two years now with so much of their dirt being exposed on social media.

We have been fed with a lot of dirt concerning their relationship in a 5 part series courtesy of Millard Ayo. Despite her bitter words, she confessed in the series saying she is at peace with Diamond after forgiving him for all he has put her and the children through.

This was including lying in a live radio interview that she cheated on him with Peter of P-Square and her body trainer.

There is something about forgiveness and I have learned to forgive him and his mistakes because now I’m in a better place

The children are too young now, but in future, I don’t want Tiffah to hold a grudge against her dad

Zari said the Kanyaga hitmaker cheated on her and even sired a child outside of wedlock when they were still together despite the fact that he kept denying it.

I wanted to make a long-lasting marriage with Diamond and he even knows that I did not cheat on him with any man

Diamond in an earlier interview said the worst thing Zari did to him was cheating with Peter from Nigerian duo P-Square. This statement made the mother of five so angry she had to put this rumours to rest.

‘I can’t post him’ Zari Hassan sets the record straight

I met Peter before meeting Diamond and that is when I took pictures with him which was in 2011 when I was still with Ivan [late husband] and so those pictures he posted acusing me cheating are from back then

Diamond has not responded to this claims as he is on tour promoting his music under The Wasafi Festival.

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