It is no secret that Victoria Rubadiri became a mother at a young age, 18 to be precise.

She has opened up before about the day she found out she was pregnant and what that meant for her considering the fact that her father is a pastor and a religious leader.

S3x before marriage is considered a sin and so in her head, this was going to be a problem at home.

It got worse to a point she wanted to abort because her relationship with her baby daddy was not all rosy but with time, they worked through things.

Victoria confessed that she was a scared wreck at the age of 18.

You see this picture? You were a week old, I was 18 and scared out of my wits. You were perfection, I was a wreck. I fought for a long time with embracing the identity of being a mother because I felt I wasn’t ready. Truth is, you are never going to be ready! I learned that with time as you grew and became a different human being at every stage. I grew with you, made my mistakes but pushed forward. You healed me with your unconditional love.

Victoria is a proud mother to Neema who is now a teenage girl. They are just the two of them so their relationship is a strong one.

Keep her in your prayers. Victoria Rubadiri mourns in a final message to a man in her life

One thing she appreciates is the support of her parents during the journey of parenthood contrary to what she expected would be a tough journey.

you are a teenager. 😂We’ve made it this far Dudu and you’ve turned out pretty amazing. Babu, Mama and Aunty have a lot to do with that. 

Neema is a gift to Victoria and she does not hide that fact at all. She sent out a letter to her saying,

Neema you healed me with your unconditional love. Though that admiration in your eyes has turned into occasional side eye 👀 now that  I thank God for you because you truly are a gift from Him. I pray you thrive in this life. I pray you are a light in your generation. I pray you are a beacon of hope in this world. -Love Mommy😘

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