Gospel artiste Guardian Angel has been making moves with his music. He came to the limelight a few years ago and many people remember him from the days he did cover songs.

Well, that isn’t the case no more as he is currently ruling the airwaves with his hot track Nadeka. Nadeka has been well received and the message in the song has touched many souls.

guardian angel

In an interview with Chito Ndhlovu on Maloko Show, Angel revealed what the song really means.

He said, “Nadeka is another word for naringa. It means a child who demands or gets attention,  that feeling or behaviour of a child who gets a lot of attention from their parents.”

Just like everyone, Guardian Angel has had his own fair share of struggles. What many people might not know is that he was a street kid.


When asked what makes his story different considering many people say they came from the streets, he said, “What makes my story different is because it’s not fake, it’s a real story and I know it’s hard to tell a fake story because sometimes you might forget some of the stuff you said. Later on people will connect the stories you’ve told and they will realize you were actually telling lies. I was a street child and lived in the streets.”

guardian angel

Chito went ahead to ask him what moved him away from his mum

We happened to have gotten to a place where it was a bit hard for us to hold on because she had lost her job and life was just hard and me being that kajamaa who doesn’t want to look at his mother go through some stuff so that life goes on and couldn’t just watch so I decided to go my way and let my mum figure her way out. I got arrested when I was in the streets. I was on the streets and I think the President at that time said the streets should be cleared. So I was among those who were cleared from the streets.”

Guardian Angel

When asked what he feels he’s been doing wrong over the years career wise and feels he will now be more successful, he said,

For along time, I used to do music not as a career. I would record a song, shoot the video, put it on youtube then start looking for another project. And it takes time before people actually realize you had that project. So I would not go out to people and tell them I have a track or put out my music to people. I was more of a creative than all these other things that needed to be done. Since I didn’t know what to do with my music, I thought I had gotten to the place I wanted to be but I realized later that all this time I was exhausting myself because I have to use my own cash to put out a project but it doesn’t come back to me or waste a lot of time on a project and then it ends up with people not knowing it or not getting to the place I wanted it to get. Just recently, I hooked up with some guys and talked to them and many people had been feeling that I was underrated.”

Listen to the full interview below;