Farah Khaleck is one lady whose story has touched many people ever since she opened up about a condition she will live with for the rest of her life.
She was diagnosed with Scleroderma when she was 17-years-old.
Scleroderma is a group of rare diseases that more often affects women. It commonly occurs between the ages of 30 and 50. Symptoms include tightening of the skin, joint pain, exaggerated response to cold (Raynaud’s disease) and heartburn.
In an interview on Breakfast with the Stars with Adelle and Shaffie, Farah started off by introducing herself saying, “My name name is Farah Khaleck and I am a super strong woman, very positive and I inspire life.”
She went ahead to narrate how she was diagnosed with the rare disease

“I was diagnosed with Scleroderma when I was 17, so I’ve had it for like 13 years now. It’s a very rare disease. It attacks your immune system and with Scleroderma it attacks the skin alot. So it stiffens out the skin, it tightens it up and around that it starts affecting your lungs, your digestive system, your inside organs.”

How did it first start manifesting?

“I was a bit hard. It started off with my hands, my hand would swell up in the morning and as the day progresses, they would become normal and then the next day again the same thing. So around my knuckles they had turned dark, so I was like something is wrong. So that’s how it started, going to the doctors and get tests.

After two years is when I got the correct diagnosis. Locally I was diagnosed with lupus, that’s also like arthritis, that was the first thing and I was prescribed steroids for that as well but it wasn’t working so then we decided to go to India for other tests and thats when I was told of the condition and it’s for life and there’s no cure for it and here are your steroids so go back home.

What happened when you got back to Kenya?

“When I got back to Kenya I had to quit my job. I hadn’t quit before going coz I was like I don’t know what’s happening so I might as well finish that chapter and we’ll see what’s happening. When we got back I continued with the medicine I think for about eight months and I was feeling really bad at that time. I was eating too much, I was literally getting hungry at times and I’m eating a lot and now I cannot digest that so it’s giving so much struggle. I would go through constipation for so many days and then sometimes it’s diarrhea for days on end.

It was so confusing and those meds literally slowed me down and somewhere down the line this pigmentation started on my skin. I started getting marks, and I thought something was wrong, this meds are not right and I said I’m not taking them. I stopped taking the meds and I was like, there’s no cure and it’s clearly not managing them so I said I will not take the meds. I don’t like meds. So now experiments started. For eight years now, we did everything up and down.

Speaking of experiments, Farah went ahead and confessed that they even travelled all the way to Tanzania to seek the famous Babu’s services.

“So you guys remember that Tanzanian Babu? So I went to him and yet I’m right here. It cost us about 20k, travelling from here to there and back. There was a crazy line. We didn’t even get to see that man, no one gets to see him, you are just given some water in a glass and you just drink that and you’re told you are supposed to leave now. We didn’t see him. If you are desperate you will do anything.”

Here’s her full story that will move you;

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